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POPCON Terms of Service

Welcome to POPCON!

Please read carefully the following terms of service, POPCON platform (Hereinafter referred to as POPCON") is established by HKUPOP, once you used any services from HKUPOP platform, it means you agree to be bound by its terms of service. HKUPOP retains the right to change the terms of services in POPCON. You must refer to the latest version of the terms of service in POPCON regularly to make sure you know about the changes. If you continue to use POPCON after its update, it means that you agree to the terms of service in the updated version.

General terms

Whenever you log onto or use POPCON, it means you accept our terms of service. POPCON cannot be used illegally. POPCON will update its terms of service regularly, therefore, please go over the terms of service whenever you login. Once the latest terms of service is released, anyone who uses POPCON will be regarded as accepting the contents. If you do not accept the terms of service, you cannot use POPCON.POPCON refuses to let you change any of its terms of service or add on any contradictory terms, all terms of this kind does not have any effect.

You understand and agree that POPCON can terminate any or part of the operation without notifying you in advance. You understand and agree that POPCON can terminate or restrict you from using POPCON at anytime without prior notice.

Under any circumstances, HKUPOP will not bear the responsibility or make any compensations to any direct or indirect losses, information or profit losses, contract, negligence , infringement or any other litigation.

HKUPOP retains the right to amend any inadequate terms of service. HKUPOP retains the final right to explain the terms in case of any controversy over the terms of use

Copyright and restricted use

All services which include but not refrain to words, contents, photos, videos, clips and pictures are properties of POPCON and comissioned organizations and are bound by the copyright act other intellectual rights law. All services of POPCON are for personal and non commercial use only. You agree not to reproduce, correct, show, exhibit, print or save any contents of POP and not to produce any derivative products out of the contents of POP. Unless you have gained written permit from POP, anyone, including but not refrain from people at the same company or organization to release, send or broadcast the contents of POPCON.

Personal data privacy protection

All information that you provide are stored on a safe server, you can receive our notifications from your preferred email. All your persinal data are bounded by the Personal Data Ordinance

User ID, Password and Safety

You will receive a password and ID upon completing the registration. It's your responsibility to keep your password and ID safe and you bear full responsibility in using the password and ID to conduct any actions. You agree to the following terms:

(a) You will contact POPCON immediately when your password or ID are used inappropriately or when other security issues evolve.
(b)You will terminate the use of your ID once you offline. Any damage or loss due to not following this rule will not be compensated by POPCON.

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